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African Arts to Combat Loneliness

We have put together a new workshop to tackle loneliness in the UK for our older generation. In recent years loneliness in the UK has become an increasing issue with the elderly, with many OAP’s sometimes not seeing another person for weeks on end.

Psychologists have discovered that human beings have a fundamental need for inclusion in group life and for close relationships. Being part of group life or having close relationships helps us function better and stay motivated to cope with the challenges everyday life has to offer.

There is growing evidence that if our need for social relationships isn’t met our mental and physical health can deteriorate.

As we get older, we lose friends and maybe a little confidence. Opportunities to get out and meet new people become less and less. Quite often are older generation have no reason to go out of nowhere to meet up.

So at Osun Arts we have put our heads together to come up with a series of very special workshops to encourage our older generation to come and engage with people their own age, make new friends as well as encouraging them to become a little more active through teaching them through participatory workshops about African Arts and Culture.

We ran a small series of workshops last year using our Bodies in Harmony African Dance classes to encourage our older generation to become more active. The feedback we got from the workshops was outstanding with many of the venues where they were held wanting us back.

This year we plan to deliver bigger and better workshops to really help our elders to get out of the house, have fun, make new friends and become more active but we need your help!

Osun Arts has the opportunity to gain funding to put on a series of workshops in Liverpool but we need your vote. We are asking for people to click on the link below and vote for us so we can help the lonely in Liverpool to get out there and make new friends using African Arts and Culture as a vehicle of delivery.

If you are an organisation who would be willing to help us deliver these workshops throughout the UK we would love to hear from you.

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