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African Mask Making Workshops

One of the main characteristics of the culture of African peoples is the use of masks in rituals and ceremonies. They represent spirits of animals or ancestors, mythological heroes, moral values or a form of honouring of a person in a symbolic way. They can be made from wood, pottery, textiles, copper and bronze. The details of the mask are often made from animal teeth, hair, bones and horns as well as feathers, seashells and even straw and egg shells. The maker of the masks has a high rank in the African village because it is believed that he has a contact with a spirit world and making masks is a craft passed down from generation to generation.

At Osun Arts Foundation we have been visiting schools to teach authentic African Arts, including African mask making to school children all over the UK

To find out more about our African Mask Making Workshops for your school why not give us a call on 0151 922 2911 or email

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