Music is an integral part of African culture, playing a huge role within the social traditions of community and is world renowned as the continent of rhythm and beat. Osun recognises this importance and place music at the centre of what we do. We engage children through the learning of songs sung in their traditional language and traditional dance movements rarely seen outside Africa.

Pupils here will learn to play African drum rhythms and xylophone and discover the sounds and use of the talking drum. Dances are then taught to the pace and texture of the rhythms, with the participants communicating with the drummers through their dance steps. This will usually lead to a performance by the group(s) in front of the school.

This is a marvellous method for participants to communicate effectively with each other and create a positive group spirit, in addition to learning the cultural traditions of dance. We can also provide music workshops for community centres, social clubs, libraries, parks, and business personal development. It is a great way for participants to mix with own members of their community, and an effective method for team building.