Ariya – Celebration of Life, a 2005 project, went on a National Tour from April until August, representing the energy and excitement of African culture. The piece was devised and performed by 10 experienced artists, presenting West African dances never seen before in the UK.

Theme Background

Music and dance are fundamentals to Africans way of life. Ariya, a celebration of life, expresses the sacredness and significance of the community as a whole. The production Ariya is about the metamorphosis of life, as believed by Africans especially amongst the Yoruba tribe of the Western part of Nigeria. The dance drama highlights the various stages of life and how it affects people mentally, psychologically and physically, as well as the way they celebrate it.

Ariya in context means celebration, therefore the production is simply the celebration of the stages of life: from birth to death. The project was supported by Arts Council England, Liverpool Culture Company and Powys Environment and Development Education Centre (PEDEC).



It’s Life Time Free