African drama is often associated with lively music and dance routines and some of its themes including individualism and community, the conflict between past and present, and traditions versus modernity are concepts which have a deep impact on all our daily lives.

Osun drama workshops come with short plays that are light-hearted but will also educate the participants about aspects of African history and traditional stories passed down the generations. Firstly at workshop classes, pupils will listen to traditional African short stories and be encouraged to consider the themes and characters of the narrative.

They will then select a favourite story and with guidance, dramatize it, combined with music, song, and dance. Children will have the opportunity to learn traditional songs and practice simple dialogue in an African language. Furthermore, they will practice and discover communal dance routines rarely seen outside of Africa.

To fully bring the story to life, authentic costumes can be provided. Drama is a key concept in our belief in promoting the idea of community and working with others. Children will be inspired by the stories and build their confidence by developing their relationships with other participants. The workshop also aims to improve the values of listening and consideration whilst being fun for everyone concerned.



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