Ibadi – a 2004 project, went on a National Tour in 2004, representing the energy and excitement of African culture. The piece was devised and performed by local, as well as international artists. The performance included a variety of dances from all different parts of West Africa such as Atilogwu from Anambra State, Apepe from Ogun State and Swange from Benue State.

Theme Background

Dances are sacred, holding deeply symbolic meanings and significance. Africa has got a wide range of ethnic groups, languages, beliefs, cultures, and costumes, but dance unites. West African dances start from the waist: West African believe strongly in making use of their waist when dancing, which gives them the great ability to wiggle – the dances are not completed without including the wiggling.

The Yoruba people of mainly the Western part of Nigeria, therefore, will say Ibadi ni ijo wa “meaning; The dance is at the waist”. Ibadi was a powerful performance combining rhythms, vocals, acrobatics, poetry, dance, and drama. The show was a delight to all the senses, featuring elaborate costumes, energetic drumming, and tight dance routines.

The project was supported by Arts Council England, Liverpool Culture Company and Powys Environment and Development Education Centre (PEDEC).



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