R.O.A.D, a 2002 project, was performed by the famous Nigerian Lamidi Ayankunle Yoruba Bata Ensemble and AyanAgalu Cultural Troupe, in collaboration with Osun Arts. They came particularly for this tour to England to perform and simultaneously workshops sharing their skills and knowledge of African dance and music. They performed in the Common Wealth Games and the Queens Jubilee procession, as well as various other venues and schools.

The drumming simulates thunderbolts; the dancing depicts the flashes of lightning and electrical charges of the firmament. R.O.A.D represented the individuality of the dancer, the occasional shouts of appellations by fellow dancers and drummers, the radiance of the inner joy of the dancer and the drummer as it permeates his entire being.

This was a powerful performance combining rhythms, vocals, acrobatics, poetry, dance, and drama. The show was a delight to all the senses, featuring elaborate costumes, energetic drumming, and tight dance routines.

The project was supported by North West Arts Board, Liverpool City Council, New Audiences Programme and Cultureshock.



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