We should all be familiar with the benefits of learning a new language and the joy of being able to speak and to be understood outside your mother tongue. Osun have a wide range of artists from different parts of Africa who can teach local languages from most parts of the continent.

Starting off with important simple words and phrases, our classes develop into longer sentences and use of vocabulary in which the aim is for participants to engage in a short conversation with each other. To aid the sessions, classes will be shown visual aids such as posters and photos, and films and music recordings can also be provided to enhance the learning experience.

Children will love to practice their new language skills on friends and parents, and in addition, they will learn more about Africa and how speech is used within the different dialects. They are also designed in a way to not detract pupils from the main core of their work. We can also provide these workshops for adults who may simply want to discover a new language, or for those in business who may desire a more thorough knowledge of a particular language



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